Imran Khan Law Office offers Legal Services in Immigration Law
and Real Estate Law Matters.

Immigration Law

Immigration Lawyer Imran Khan offers a legal service for individuals seeking Immigration or Work Permit facilities in Canada. Our highly qualified team is ready to serve you.

real estate
Real Estate (Purchase, Sale and Refinancing)

Imran Khan Law Office offers legal services in all Real Estate matters for residential property and residential leases.

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Imran Khan is a great Lawyer. I’ve used his services multiples times, and his service is great and pricing is fair

5 Google Review by Zuhair Syed on 2024-03-07T22:22:10-05:00

I used him a few times for closing. I would definitely recommend

5 Google Review by Stan Greenspan on 2023-10-23T10:18:59-04:00


5 Google Review by Aswathy Krishnan on 2023-01-17T15:08:22-05:00

A month ago ...

Thank you Imran khan now my parents are in canada..!! words for his professionalism. Very economical thorough professional.omni present..its worth to give him the case.....May Allah bless you and your family.....

5 Google Review by Fahd Sami on 2022-12-25T20:02:20-05:00

firstly , i would like to express my gratitude to Mr.Khan for helping my husband in his difficult case , of appeal , getting visa , and then immigration ,he was very expert , organized , he provided us with sound legal advise, i highly recommend him , thank you Mr. Khan .

5 Google Review by iman ibrahim on 2020-08-26T18:48:48-04:00

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